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Turn The Tables On Debt Collectors

There’s no shame in owing someone money, but it doesn’t always feel that way when collectors bombard you with mail and phone calls. Here’s how to work with them without feeling powerless.     If your phone is ringing off the hook with calls from debt collectors, it’s not likely that you feel in control […]

Credit Score Myths

The experts on Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters” have tackled the 5-second rule for dropped food and whether the moon landing was faked. It’s high time they took on credit scoring.   Lenders have used these three-digit numbers for decades. The companies that create scores are increasingly open about how they work. Yet myths and misunderstandings about […]

Bubbles The Feds Cannot Ignore

The Federal Reserve is determined to keep interest rates super-low until the economy has fully recovered and people are back to work. But the central bank doesn’t want low, low rates to pump up dangerous asset bubbles by inducing investors to pursue higher yields. Some markets have gotten so frothy lately that the Fed may […]

Small Companies & The Affordable Care Act

Small businesses have spoken against the Affordable Care Act, but medium-size businesses, customers and taxpayers may be the ones ultimately harmed. Beginning next year, the Affordable Care Act will penalize employers that fail to offer health insurance to their employees. Because small employers are especially unlikely to offer health insurance, and large businesses are likely […]

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